Vocaloid Lily! :D

Vocaloid Lily! :D
Vocaloid Lily! :D

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

NFSMW 2005 BMW M3 GTR (HQ accurate version)

I've been remembering how much I've love my childhood car. It's my first favorite car ever and an inspiration for me to love real racing! I've decided to combine the 2012 version and the 2005 version together to make an ultimate GTR. The reason why I've nicknamed myself GTR and GTRking1000 was cause of this M3 GTR. Plus I've made the engine sound for it too...the original of the 2004 version/cutscene engine original sound from the xbox 360 drag demo before the final 2005 version of nfsmw came out.

Merry Early Christmas Eve!

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