Vocaloid Lily! :D

Vocaloid Lily! :D
Vocaloid Lily! :D

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Varis Kamikaze GT-R More Updates Part IX

Sorry I was busy for a while. I apply different lighting position to make it more realistic now. Most of the parts are done, pin holder on the hood on installed since the hood is carbon fiber which is light. Bolts are now applied to my parts, majority of the parts are now carbon fiber now including the side mirrors, and scratch tow hooks by me. ;). Finished the Advan GT rims now! And there are red lines apply on the lips of the kit now! Soon decals, steering wheel, etc. (20 shots tooking this time and car progression is now 90% complete!)

Song: 【ニコカラ】古に封印されし究極黒魔法(物理)【Off Vocal】

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